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Our Mission & Vision

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Today
Forward Faith is dedicated to empowering today's youth for a better tomorrow. We use fundraising to fuel initiatives that build connections, skills, and confidence, supporting the growth of young individuals in their faith and community impact.
Aligned with GBI Youth Ministries Mission
Our efforts align with the GBI Youth Ministries mission to engage, equip, and empower. We provide resources, mentorship, and opportunities that enable young people to develop as individuals and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.
Making a Tangible Difference
We believe that with God's guidance and your support, we can accomplish incredible things. Forward Faith channels funds into vital youth programs, mission support, and local community investments, creating opportunities for meaningful change.
Supporting Personal and Spiritual Growth
Each donation contributes to a journey of personal and spiritual development, helping our youth become wise leaders who serve others with love and humility. We celebrate the potential of our youth and are committed to nurturing an environment where every young person's voice is heard and their potential is realized.
Investing in the Unseen Future
By investing in a future not yet seen but believed, we witness the transformative power of faith and action. Forward Faith embodies this spirit, proving that belief in potential and proactive support can truly work wonders.


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